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Beautiful Thing (2018)

It was a pleasure to score and sound design the finale of 2018's Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, a very special site specific dance theatre version of Jonathan Harvey's Beautiful Thing. This iconic, optimistic love story about teenage boys Jamie and Ste was given a homecoming, performed on and around the original south Thamesmead locations where the play (and 1996 Channel 4 film) were set and directed by Bradley Hemmings and Robby Graham.

With stunning digital projections by NOVAK, production design by Rebecca Brower and lighting by Phil Supple the show drew sell out crowds and delighted audiences including Jonathan Harvey himself. 

Camilla Greenwell_Beautiful Thing_Leah.j
Camilla Greenwell_Beautiful Thing_Jamie
Camilla Greenwell_Beautiful Thing_Sandra
Camilla Greenwell_Beautiful Thing_I feel

Images courtesy of Greenwich + Docklands International Festival by Camilla Greenwell

Images courtesy of North News, Richard Kenworthy and Anna Miller Photographer

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