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"Upon meeting Roma through our mutual connection at the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, I was struck by her warm, clear and inviting demeanor and her genuine artistic curiosity. This made it both easy and exciting to enter into a collaboration on a project of grand scale - creating a dance work for the facade of St. Paul's Cathedral. The emotional power of Roma's music was completely enrapturing, and her experience and intelligence of collaborative process drove our momentum forward all the way through production. Her composition ended up being visceral, magical and expansive - expressing layers of meaning to audiences of thousands on streets of London." 

Melecio Estrella, Artistic Director,


Image: Brooke Anderson

"Roma is a singular artist who has elevated our productions through her beautiful compositions and arrangements. An incredible, responsive and generous collaborator to work with. "

Robby Graham, Artistic Director, Southpaw Dance Company

Erimus_Berta and Sam_Keith Talbot.jpg

‘I worked with Roma on the world stage premiere of Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake in the summer and autumn of 2023. The sound design Roma created was beautiful and complex in its storytelling, providing an extra layer of emotional truth to the the narrative. Pre-rehearsals Roma worked alongside composer Ross Millard to provide a design so clear in its vision that it allowed us to take risks because of the support it provided. Roma, never stopped detailing her work, was open to ideas and is an incredible listener, taking ideas and then realising them with creativity and speed. I can’t recommend Roma highly enough, she is an incredible collaborator and such a genuine person that without her we would not have realised what we did for a world stage premiere of a much loved film.”

Mark Calvert, Director

"Working with Roma was one of my favorite experiences during the production of No One Told Me. Roma delivered a beautiful, complex and magical score. Attuning to the feeling and energy of each scene. We worked remotely during covid and that never hindered the creative process. She picked up on my feedback with ease and seemed to intuitively understand what was needed. New versions would come back swiftly and always felt steps closer to what it needed to be. She has a wonderful workflow and a calm and grounded presence. I felt held and in charge at the same time. Roma is a true creative partner! Her magical music gave No One Told Me a depth and beauty that I didn't even know was possible. I want to make a new film - just so that we can work together again!"

Zulillah Merry, Director, No One Told Me

"Roma is a sensitive and talented collaborator, never prescriptive or precious in her approach. I’ve realised that the earlier in the project we can make a start, the better. It’s a delight to work with someone so emotionally intelligent and imaginative to find a soundscape that really fits with and enhances the visual language of a film."

Emma Miranda Moore, Director, Jackson


Image: Richard Kenworthy

"It has been an absolute privilege to work with Roma on 2 major projects in the last year. Her work is hugely sophisticated and emotional, communicating powerfully with diverse audiences, and combining moments of heart breaking intimacy with epic musical storytelling. She is an absolute delight to work with and has been a generous and provocative creative collaborator."

Bradley Hemmings MBE, Creative Director,

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival

"Roma is a phenomenal talent. Her skills, craft and natural understanding of cinematic storytelling make collaborating with her a pleasure."

Benjamin Bee - Director and Writer Metroland

Image: Paul Stephenson Media

City of Light image.jpg

"The music for City of Light, Liverpool, did its job perfectly in creating a calm and uplifting feeling, creating both space and intensity at times, and worked brilliantly in conjunction with the voices and up close intimacy and raw emotion of the recordings."

Jo Pocock - Artistic Director, The Lantern Company 

Image: Mark McNulty


"Roma is a skilled,  imaginative and sensitive composer.  Her flexibility about process and her time management add to the pleasure in working together. She is a collaborative and mature artist -I recommend her highly"

Dora Frankel - Dance Artist

Image Luke Waddington


"A wonderful artist to have in the rehearsal room as she has endless amounts of enthusiasm,

talent and versatility. I highly recommend her for any creative process as she is a brilliant

collaborator and makes the effort to truly understand the process and be a part of it whilst being able to propose ideas and work independently."

Katie Tranter - Fun in the Oven

Image Chris Bishop

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"Roma is a talented composer, who actively seeks to realise your vision to a high standard. I would strongly recommend working with Roma - she is a real pleasure to work with.."

Lizzie Klotz - To Suit (Random Acts), Millionfish


"From the moment Roma provided her first draft of the initial piece we were excited about her contribution to the film and we weren’t disappointed. Roma’s work is undeniably beautiful and her music tied our film together brilliantly and certainly raised the level of production. Roma is an absolute pleasure to work with, as well as being friendly and professional she is punctual and understanding when production delays arise. We all look forward to working with her again soon."

Dan Douglas, Writer/ Director - Long Gone


"I really enjoyed working with Roma. She had an instant understanding of what I was going for but also managed to provide ideas I hadn't considered myself. After a quick brief she gave me music that required feedback. Usually there's a lot of back and forth over what you're trying to achieve but we managed to get what we wanted surprisingly fast. And the addition of the music gave the film a cohesion it otherwise wouldn't have had."

Eoin Mayer, Writer/ Director - Thirst


"I have worked with Roma on a number of projects and I say without hesitation that she Is driven, caring and enormously talented. A pleasure to work alongside and professional throughout. Roma’s soundscapes are truly wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Chris Lavelle – Freelance Motion artist


"it makes a emotional connection with the viewer that echoes the tone and feel of the concept perfectly.  Really brilliant response to the feedback we gave."

Tim Lacey - Pressure Drop Pictures (referring to Plasticine 2016 tv ad campaign)


"We needed a dynamic piece that captured the desperation of the scene in spite of overwhelming fatigue. What was really special about the piece that Roma delivered was its distorted immediacy that deviated from typical approaches to chase sequences; rather than fast drum loops that felt like generic sound bytes from pre-paid music packs, Roma’s piece was nuanced and individual: a gothic cacophony that’s subtle shades and sounds carried with it a deeper sense of authenticity. I was incredibly pleased with how well she interpreted our brief, and marked it with the unmistakable passion she has for what she does.


I wholly endorse the quality and professionalism of Roma’s ability and conduct, and hope to see her work flourish as it deserves to."


Joshua Austin, Director - Saint George


"Roma's skill at being able to contribute to the storytelling when dealing with complex issues and characters through her composition is exceptional. Roma has worked with the company on many shows and each and every creative team sings her praises, not only as a great and skilled composer but as a human being who cares about her colleagues and the work that is being created. I look forward to working with Roma on many more projects to come."


Catrina McHugh, Writer & Artistic Director of Open Clasp Theatre Company


"I could wax lyrical about my most recent experience of working with Roma as Composer & Sound Designer on Key Change. About how thorough and generous she has been. About how her creative contribution has opened fascinating new facets to the piece. About how open she has been. And how talented?! But I’ll stop at the risk of sounding creepy..."


Laura Lindow, Director - Key Change and Sugar (for Open Clasp Theatre Company)

"Roma was exceptionally easy to work with, efficient and timely. She worked quickly, responding to feedback practically in realtime. She produced an effective manuscript helped no doubt by the fact she’s also an accomplished instrumentalist herself."

Heather Fenoughty, Composer "Look Across the Ocean" (From "The Flood" - Slung Low)



"Roma’s music really made our film sing and she was pleasure to work with.”


Robert Few,  Chief of Communications, United Nations Development Programme



"Roma's brief was to create a score with authentic middle-eastern instrumentation which would also work with the stop motion technique of our film. She delivered on time and to the brief. She was a pleasure to work with, very flexible and receptive to our feedback while still being able to maintain the integrity of the score. She exceeded our expectations."



Shona Hamilton - Wired Creative Video (end client Unicef Middle East and North Africa)



"Working with Roma was an absolute pleasure. She understood our motive and was able to create the perfect soundscape for our aerial dance piece. A truly talented artist and the best example of why you should leave talented people to do what they do best. Thank you Roma for bringing our show to life"


Colm Scott-Baird, NEWTONS LADDER aerial dance


"I've worked with Roma on several projects with diverse subjects and visual styles where composing music to picture really added to the impact of the animations.

Always meeting the brief, Roma is not only a talented composer and musician, but a pleasure to work with too."


Mark Cheltenham, Animov


"I had the pleasure of working with Roma for my last film, The Glove. On discovering her Soundcloud it was not just the vast array of genres that she would cover that amazed me but her ability to express the depths of a theme through music. I could feel all that just by listening. I looked her up immediately and insisted (she can confirm this) that she would find some time to work on The Glove's soundtrack. This was mathematical remote work as we were 3000 miles away from each other but she unbelievably extracted the tunes from my head! Should anyone ask me she is a director's dream composer come true."


Vlad Dorofte, Director


"Roma is a joy to collaborate with. She brings exceptional skill and talent to the music she creates whatever the genre. I worked with her recently on a commercial where the client changed their mind and the brief midway through production, however, she never missed a beat and turned in a new track that everybody loved in record time. I would recommend Roma to anyone looking to source music with depth, nuance and real emotional weight."

Mark Lediard, Director


"Roma is an extremely talented composer with a rare gift for capturing a mood or subtly enhancing drama with her score. The music she provided for my film, “Sleepworking”, was, by turns, beautiful, otherworldly, malevolent and elegiac. I feel very lucky to have had her as a collaborator and look forward to working with her again in the future" 

Gavin Williams, Writer/ Director - Sleepworking


"Roma is a rare thing; a composer who not only has an extraordinary gift for music but also a wonderful sensitivity for all aspects of a production and its team. Her beautiful composition for The Red Shoes gave the whole piece not only a wonderfully atmospheric quality but a coherence that ran right through the heart of the piece. Thank-you!"

MaryClare O'Neill, Director - Straight on till morning Theatre Company, London

"Commissioned  for a bespoke piece that accompanied an important promotional video, Roma responded to the brief superbly with a piece that really understood the product and our audience. The entire process was stress free and, despite tight deadlines and last minute revision requests, Roma delivered on time."

Adam Thomas, Communications Manager - Sourcefabric


"First of all I want to say Wow, second of all I want to to say that you have just made my film more beautiful "

David Tomlin, Director - Lights


"Roma's music for The Space Between Us encapsulated exactly what the play was aiming to articulate; the complexity of the lives of those who are displaced. The fusion of influences from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe worked beautifully to compliment the different cultures represented in the play in a subtle and affecting way for our audiences. At many moments in the play I sat and thought how much the music made them."

Charlotte Bennett, Director - The Space Between Us

(Open Clasp Theatre Company)

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