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"Metroland" is a short film, funded by Creative England iShorts, written and directed by Benjamin Bee and produced by Maria Caruana Galizia. It stars Daniel John Williams as "Ben", Rachel Teate as "Sam" and Doreen Frankland as "Mum". The film was shot on location in Newcastle and South Shields. Rachel Teate won best Actor at the Underwire film festival 2018 for the film which was also a finalist for best composer.

Metroland Underwire.jpg


A beautiful and hypnotic visual representation and journey of the make up and break up of a relationship.

We image.jpg


Sci-fi short directedy by Mark Lediard, My Rode Reel 2015's winner of best Cinematography and finalist for best soundtrack

Saint George

Tense short film reimagining the legend of St George, directed by Joshua Austin and Brett Hocking


Multi award winning, tense sci-fi thriller directed by Gavin Williams


With the news that the world is literally about to end, can agoraphobic Adrian reunite with his lost love? 

Short sci-fi drama  set in a single location directed by David Tomlin for Ignite Productions

Hondros: A Life in Frames (4:02 onwards)​

Placement in feature documentary trailer about Chris Hondros

(you can support the project here)


Award winning short directed by David Tomlin, Ignite Productions

Moving images

Praxinoscope based ad for Wired Creative Video


Sourcefabric Berlin hired me to write music and provide sound effects for their animation showcasing new product Newscoop. Animation by Mark Cheltenham, Animov. 

Vegetable Nativity

From Wired Video comes a nativity with a difference - animated by Tine Kluth 

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